Reaching for the stars – bringing an inspiring vision to life
10 November, 2023 by
Reaching for the stars – bringing an inspiring vision to life
Buchinger|Kuduz, Mario Buchinger
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Climate change requires huge changes throughout our entire society and economy. Especially in times, in which changes are huge, clear orientation is crucial in order to maintain course for climate transformation. Here a common understanding of target states derived from a vision und translated into defined mile stones is a valuable approach.

The vision - Overall guidance

The vision, often named as the “North Star” is a target that could be reached in some decades or sometimes even in an unknown time. Even if this target might be very far away and sometimes it seems unreachable, it helps people keeping up orientation. The name “North Star” is an analogy coming from navigation in the early days. At times without GPS and compass, it helped sailors to find orientation across the northern hemisphere without having the expectation to reach it. Even for today’s technology, the 323 light years away stellar object is still unreachable; but it provides always a reliable guidance across the stellar hemisphere.

For climate transformation the vision might be quite obvious. A world, in which all humanity consumes not more resources than can be regenerated within the same period of time. This includes all areas of our life, such as mobility, usage of products and services and of course also energy. The vision of “Green Energy For All” is therefore leading to a sustainable energy future, empowering individuals and communities to boldly contribute to a greener world.

But since this target state appears to be very far away from now (it should not be, otherwise we will have a problem!), we need dedicated target states, which can be reached and understood for a visible period of time, such as 3 to 5 years. This is, what is called the target state or also known as the “BlueSky”.

BlueSky – The construction plan

For energy supply, the target state is much more than just the finding, that all energy is produced only by renewable sources. For GE4A GROUP is solar energy combined with blockchain technology the way to maximize the efficiency, transparency, and accessibility of renewable energy. The BlueSky and necessary steps like capabilities, strategic partnerships or local distribution networks can be such targets states for GE4A GROUP.

The BlueSky is at the end comparable with a construction plan for a house, which contains much more information than just the resulting parameters such as square meters, number of rooms or energy consumption. It also includes the shape, the look and style and the possibility to derive detailed plans for walls, roofing, interior design as well as installations.

Mile stones - Getting on the way

After the overall BueSky is defined, we must subdivide this into smaller structures. This is required to make smaller work contents from the big one. This allows us to understand smaller portions of the required implementation on shorter time periods such as half a year or one year of duration. During implementation, mile stones can and must always be re-adjusted based on new findings and learnings.

Before starting implementation, a project team is defined, in which clear roles and competencies are described. This also includes team rules, visualization and communication routines. GE4A GROUP was founded by PV industry experts with decades of experience paired with pioneering technologies and the right spirit to start the revolution into a better future. 

Iteration loops – Getting it done

One of the most famous approaches in project history is the Kaizen-Culture. This Japanese name means something like the “change to the good”, oft misunderstood as “CIP” (continuous improvement process). But even if CIP is not totally of the content, it is much more: Moving onwards by small steps, learning from every step, making mistakes and deviations transparent und proceed to the next step. Kaizen requires from all people to see problems as an opportunity and not as a loss. Doing that, the implementation is organized in small PDCA-like structures loops, in which beside planning (P) and doing (D) a check (C) and learning from deviations and standardization (A) is included. This way of working requires a very open-minded error culture and discipline. But teams working like that are much faster and more successful.

A big benefit, not a loss

The new is often seen as a threat, even though it is much better than the old. Humans try to avoid new structures and behaviors, no matter how good they are. Pure logical explanations will not succeed. However, nature does not wait until we as humanity have understood the necessity to change. But this structured and iterative approach is a helpful way to drive climate transformation by including relevant stake holders, solving upcoming problems and explaining the story behind the journey. So, join the revolution and engage with GE4A GROUP!

Mario Buchinger is (Economy-)Physicist, Musician and Author. The specialist for Lean and Kaizen worked for Daimler and Bosch as employee and executive for ten years, before he founded his own company Buchinger|Kuduz in 2014 located in Austria. He is no consultant, instead he and his team support as external colleagues the development of changeability regarding to process, strategy and climate transformation. In addition to industrial companies, his customers also include banks and public authorities.

Reaching for the stars – bringing an inspiring vision to life
Buchinger|Kuduz, Mario Buchinger 10 November, 2023
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