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πŸš€ GE4A and Compass Groupe: Shaping the Future of Solar Revolution at the New Energies Expo in Bamako 🌞

November 9, 2023 by
πŸš€ GE4A and Compass Groupe: Shaping the Future of Solar Revolution at the New Energies Expo in Bamako 🌞
GE4A Group B.V., Toralf Nitsch ∞ GE4A Group B.V.

The realm of renewable energy is at a thrilling crossroads, and we are excited to unveil our next chapter during this pivotal phase of our journey!

Following our first press release, where the Firefly Initiative posed the significant question of what should become of all those used solar modules, and the second release proudly announcing our partnership with Compass Groupe, a collaboration aimed at delivering technologies swiftly and reliably to the people, we now reach yet another milestone - the New Energies Expo in Bamako, Mali.

This partnership will culminate in a shared booth at the New Energies Expo from November 16th to 18th, 2023. Together, we will present our vision of a sustainable, fair, and cost-effective energy future for the world.

The New Energies Expo in Bamako serves as the perfect stage to showcase innovative ideas and energy solutions for the entire Sahel region. "As Silver Partners alongside global industry giants like Huawei, we have a unique opportunity to offer groundbreaking innovations. We are on the brink of ushering in transformative changes, establishing reliable, transparent, and remarkably cost-effective energy solutions worldwide," explained Toralf Nitsch, CEO of GE4A Group. "Our commitment in Africa is geared towards realizing our mission: to foster energy solutions for all regions of our planet - quite simply, by the people, for the people."

Affordable energy serves as the bedrock for micro-businesses that, in turn, contribute to food processing, service delivery, economic participation, information sharing, networking, and knowledge exchange. "It's increasingly about distributing the abundance of energy available in many parts of the world with fair systems to create value. Transparent and equitable systems have always been the cornerstones of successful societies, and our technology, based on digital procedures, guarantees the benefits of common-good-based trade - not just for the utilization of regenerative systems in general, but for solar technology in particular," said the CEO of GE4A Group.