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Toralf Nitsch

Co-Founder and industry veteran in the solar industry. With 20 years of experience  in China and crazy enough to believe he can change the world.

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Thorsten Voigt

Co-Founder and the digital brain. A lifetime in IT and always on the hunt, passionate about learning and technology. Open-source enthusiast and Cloud Navigator.

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Zeynep Baklaci

Co-Founder and full of energy for the cause. Advocating justice and fairness for all people through access to energy and communication.

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Michael Bluemner

The "Protector" - the highest level of control within the company structure. Protecting principles, values, and fairness.

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Wim Boer

Responsible for all numbers and finances. Knows how to motivate others and utilize the strengths of each individual. "Profit not as an objective but as a result.

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Cevat Baklaci

The re-USER - always prioritizing repairs. Involved in the growth of the solar industry from the beginning and working with us for exciting product innovations.

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Edgar Kampers 

Our Token Economy Master. Specialized in European grants, sustainable economic development, and modeling and product development.

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Jorge Amador

Jorge is a passionate advocate for circular economy principles and PV circularity. With a focus on quality and trust in sales, he embodies our commitment to transparency and sustainability.

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Umut Cinaz 

Specialized in software development and design, collaborating seamlessly with the team to create effective solutions. His responsibilities include coding and designing user interfaces.

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