Shell Energy Transition - Blockchain & Web3 Innovation Event
12th April 2024
20 April, 2024 by
Shell Energy Transition - Blockchain & Web3 Innovation Event
GE4A Group B.V., Thorsten Voigt ∞ GE4A Group B.V.
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GE4A Group has always recognized the transformative potential of innovative solutions to infuse transparency and trust into solar energy value systems. We were thrilled to witness last week's remarkable event: the Shell Web3 team's workshop at the Energy Transition Campus Amsterdam.

The workshop spotlighted the crucial role of precise carbon and emissions accounting in supply chains, which is vital to advancing the energy transition. As consumer expectations evolve and regulations grow stricter, blockchain technology emerges as a catalyst for creating digital product passports and detailed certificates that capture a product's complete lifecycle.

We strongly endorse the event's emphasis on community-building. A robust partner network is pivotal to achieving success in digital products and initiatives. It was heartening to see both in-person and virtual participation from diverse groups within the Web3 ecosystem, including the Gitcoin startup community, ETCA digital cluster members, 2Tokens, Shell stakeholders, and the wider Web3 community.

A special thanks goes to Ben West, Arno Laeven, Nabil Ahmed, and Charlie H. for their compelling insights and content during the event, as well as to the Shell. Web3 team for their outstanding organization. These events are a powerful testament to the potential of blockchain and digital innovation in establishing trust and accountability in solar energy systems.

At GE4A, we eagerly anticipate further exploration of these opportunities and the chance to collaborate with leaders in the field to create a brighter, more sustainable future for all. Together, we can leverage solar energy to cultivate a transparent and robust energy landscape.

With upcoming events and the support of the Shell.Web3 team, the potential for a true transition and paradigm shift in the energy sector is on the horizon.

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Shell Energy Transition - Blockchain & Web3 Innovation Event
GE4A Group B.V., Thorsten Voigt ∞ GE4A Group B.V. 20 April, 2024
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