re-Use of Solar Panels - why Recycling is not always the best Solution
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re-Use of Solar Panels - why Recycling is not always the best Solution
GE4A Group B.V., Toralf Nitsch ∞ GE4A Group B.V.
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GE4A (Green Energy for All) drives digital revolution in solar energy

Working at the intersection of digital and energy, GE4A (Green Energy for All) has created a multi-step process for advancing solar energy.

The problems are well known. The fight against climate change is one of the biggest, if not the biggest challenge of the 21st century. Human-induced greenhouse gas emissions are the main cause of the significant and rapid rise in temperature. Already, the consequences are clearly felt in all parts of the world - and the trend is rising.

"The solution to this lies in renewable energies. From 2035 the world can be completely supplied with renewable energies. They are the game changer of the energy transition, first and foremost solar energy. It is inexhaustible and can de facto cover the entire global energy demand" says Toralf Nitsch, one of the solar energy experts from the very beginning, Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) of GE4A (Green Energy for All). The company has positioned itself at the intersection of the digital and energy industries. This position along the entire solar energy value chain on a digital basis will allow the creation of new business modells and possibilities in the Energy sector. 

"We aim for nothing more and nothing less than the digital revolution in solar energy. With our system, we are creating a real and, above all, transparently traceable circular economy in real time through industrial and technological liabilities that blockchain technologies enable us to create," Toralf Nitsch emphasises. GE4A has therefore developed a multi-stage process. First step, older solar modules or those in need of repair are collected in numerous countries and prepared for further use (re-use). In this way, these panels are prepared for further use and can help to close the energy supply gap.

"We have worked intensively on repair solutions, their automated processing and the establishment of a partner network including the implementation of logistics solutions. Therefore, we clearly prefer the re-use concept to the alternative complete recycling. We thus provide an economically and ecologically viable solution to accompany the energy transition. For the expansion of solar energy, we must ensure that existing modules can be used for as long as possible. This leads to a higher rate of expansion and saves resources in new production," Toralf Nitsch points out.

What is new about GE4A is the digital further development of the re-use idea, which also benefits the subsequent recycling. Based on blockchain technology, solar modules are connected to a so-called non-fungible token (NFT) to create a digital twin of the product. The responsible Chief Operations Officer (COO), Thorsten Voigt, says: "This makes it possible to ensure real traceability and liability about the existence of this module. This means that the user, place of use, production history, etc. of the solar modules used can be traced at any time, in the past and in the future, in order to establish a true circular economy and the basis for real technical and financial impact with renewable energies. Every process in the chain, be it collection of the modules, repair and further operation, and when the end-of-life is reached, recycling, requires the provision of all data in digital form via networked systems."

Thorsten Voigt further emphasises: "This is also a decisive advantage for our suppliers, as they receive complete process reliability across all stages and can thus present regulatory requirements as optimally as possible. Furthermore, this also preserves the possibility of setting up take-back systems synchronously with the idea of tracking recyclables permanently in the system, i.e. proactively planning the final take-back optimally."

In this way, GE4A wants to guarantee for energy recipients and investors alike that the solar modules can develop their highest performance. On the one hand, it is important that the solar modules can work as long and efficiently as possible in order to generate as much energy as possible from the sun - and thus promote the energy transition and affordable energy for everyone. On the other hand, investors, sponsors, or other parties needed guarantees that their money would be used sensibly in the promotion of renewable energies, says Toralf Nitsch.

About GE4A

GE4A (Gren Energy for All) is a digital renewable energy company led by a team of experienced players around Chief Strategy Officer Toralf Nitsch. GE4A's focus is on optimising the circular economy through the consistent use of digital tools. This is done in a multi-stage process.

What is new about Green Energy for all is the further digital development of the re-use idea.

GE4A collects used solar modules in numerous countries and prepares them for re-use with the help of established technologies. The solar modules are then linked to a so-called non-fungible token (NFT) to create a "digital twin".

Not only can it be used to prove the actual existence of a module, but also its production history, its users and locations of use can be traced at any time and in a binding manner. This proof is the basis of a true circular economy and the basis for real technical and financial impact with renewable energies.

The process called "GE4A E-Trust", which is based on blockchain technology, benefits all network participants with a more secure, intelligent and sustainable energy ecosystem. Digitisation of transactions and data enables more efficient operations across the supply chain, including suppliers of raw materials, manufacturers as well as processors, shippers, traders, regulators and, of course, consumers. The GE4A solution provides authorised users with instant access to actionable data from the time a DC generator is produced and while it is in the energy supply chain, i.e. a real-time view of the item in the past and in the future. The full history and current location of each solar module, as well as accompanying information such as certifications and test data, are available in seconds once a product has been manufactured and connected to the "GE4A E-Trust" using the blockchain. This solution ensures that trust enables, rather than hinders, the expanding energy market. We manage the digital twins, CO2 certificates and green energy produced alongside the products in the real world, allowing us to connect the value chains linearly and vertically. In this way, we generate less waste, faster traceability and better access to shared information of all parties involved in the product. Thus, "GE4A E-Trust" can enable all levels to meet entirely new standards of transparency and trust. GE4A wants to further increase the already very comprehensive digital traceability, transparency and honesty in the segment. Therefore, in a further step, the used (later also new) solar modules will be provided with a digital interface after they have been refurbished or repaired. This interface establishes the connection to the blockchain-based "GE4A E-Trust" as a billing system. This leads to binding billing of the generated energy and opens the doors to further value creation, for example the generation of CO2 certificates and other services related to digital energies from solar power. Further information at

re-Use of Solar Panels - why Recycling is not always the best Solution
GE4A Group B.V., Toralf Nitsch ∞ GE4A Group B.V. 24 October, 2022
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